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Allow me to introduce you to a world that prepares you and teaches you how to become a YouTube Creator. An opportunity to learn at a comfortable pace with like-minded people.

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Fran Asaro - founder

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Welcome To The Senior Tuber!

As we mature, our repertoire of wisdom grows exponentially.

What are your talents? What are you good at or love to do? You know, those things you're proud of. Maybe you've been sharing them for years or maybe you've been dreaming of doing so ... 'someday'

Whatever they are, don't let your gifts go to waste

Consider leaving your legacy on YouTube. The 2nd largest search engine in the world, so it can live on and touch lives indefinitely.

Whether you have an existing channel or want to start one, Senior Tuber is a place of learning and community for mature people with gifts and a desire who want to learn how to properly share them.

Someone needs to hear what you have to say

You may not realize how important what you know really is and how many people need to hear it from YOU, with your way of sharing it. Don't deprive others of learning what you know or knowing who you are. Especially if you have an inkling of desire to share.

If you are letting fear, doubt, or insecurities stop you, then find a place within the Senior Tuber Community where you can overcome those limiting thoughts, learn and become a YouTube Creator!

Could This Be You?

  • You are filled with wisdom and would love to share it
  • You're Contemplating what’s next for your future
  • You yearn to leave your legacy but don’t know where to begin
  • You have a YouTube Channel and want it to produce better results
  • You'd like to earn extra income
  • You want to belong to a community of other creators for support and learning
  • You may not be 'mature' but prefer a slower pace of learning
  • You're curious about YouTube.
  • You hesitate to take action due to fear.
  • If you answered YES to any of these, then continue reading!

A Message from Fran Asaro - Founder of The Senior Tuber

We Created a Way To Serve Many Needs

Which one works best for you?

Take a look below at some of the services we offer. Choose what works best for your needs and budget. If after previewing, you still have questions, then feel free to schedule a 30-minute Zoom Consultation with me here and get your questions answered.

Trust me, everyone has something that stops them from moving forward. From being camera-shy to being low-tech. When they learn about their options and workarounds, they tend to move forward and find out how 'doable' and enjoyable being a YouTube Creator can be.

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We are a group of creators and creator wannabees at all levels.

Who is this for? No matter what path you choose after looking over our services, you’ll want to be a part of our Senior Tuber Facebook Group to stay in the conversation!

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Our Senior Tuber Incentive Podcast consists of conversations that motivate, inspire, and update creators. Members of the Senior Tuber Learners are eligible to be showcased during our podcasts. 

Who is this for? For those who want to learn the latest about YouTube, get tips and resources and hear other mature creators talk about their journey.


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Services For Active Learners



Have you been wondering why your YouTube Channel doesn’t bring you subscribers, engagement or worse yet, money? Consider getting your channel an evaluation. 

Who is this for? If you've been plugging away at your YouTube Channel without any results, consider getting your Channel audited to find out why and what you can do to move forward.


Private Sessions

Some of us prefer private mentoring over a group experience.

Who is this for? Maybe we learn at a slower or faster pace, are very private, or just want to stay very focused and intentional. If any of these fit you, we offer several opportunities for your private learning experience, Including an Intensive V.I.P. Day!



Where creators come to learn and interact with other creators

Who is this for? New and existing creators who would like to fine-tune their ability to optimize, and monetize their channels and videos along with learning how to create high-ranking videos

  • Private Workshop - Concentrated learning as needed
  • Team training
  • VIP Day - Learning

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Yes, YouTube has several ways for you to earn income and one way is through their merchandise store.

Who is this for? You may be interested in our Senior Tuber Merch, but you may also want to see what it looks like to have your very own YouTube Print on Demand Shop to earn extra income! Check it out.






Check Back – We have more YouTube Learning coming your way!

Look for our:

  • YouTube Optimization Book
  • Free Downloads for organization and managing your video creating
  • Digital Self-Paced learning
  • And more

Meet Fran

About Fran Asaro
Fran Asaro is the President of Thrive Anyway, Inc. and the founder of The Senior Tuber Community where she mentors and strategizes with mature people to become YouTube Creators.

Fran combined her love of entrepreneurship and passion for content creation by launching a community of like-minded people with talents to share, legacies to leave, and experiences to have. She helps guide and inspire them through the steps needed to succeed.

As a YouTube Partner, Fran specializes in teaching others to optimize and monetize their YouTube Channels, allowing them to reach a larger audience and build a loyal following.
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